Where leaders go for direction and support to carry their team forward with confidence.

If you are looking to…

Motivate and engage your team with conscious communication,

Gain clarity on the path ahead by reducing fears & anxieties clouding the way,

Deepen connection with yourself & others to reduce stress,

Transform your team into a community with a shared vision,

Move forward in courage and eliminate self-doubt…

This program is for you!

Or if you simply have the nagging feeling that there has to be a more peaceful way to navigate through life & leadership…

This program is absolutely for you!

What is the Confident Leadership Program?

It is a 6-week virtual coaching program that equips you with strategies, frameworks and feedback to achieve personal and team goals while saving time, energy, money, health and relationships.


I thought this was a leadership course about how to give feedback, deal with difficult people, conflict resolution, delegation, time management, performance improvement, etc. Now I know what to do to be great at all that, and we didn’t talk about any of it!

— Tommy L., Legal Partner, Ottawa, Canada


How it Works

It is a two-fold process that:

Supports you in the successful navigation of your day-to-day leadership.


Implements frameworks and tools that will guide you in your life and leadership journey.

Core Elements of the Program

Initial Self-Reflection & Journaling

Our tools will help you find your starting point and what it is you are looking to accomplish.

Our Tools

> Wheel of Personal Leadership
> Key Areas of Focus Guide
> The Path you Followed

Group Coaching Sessions x6

Each week, the coaching will focus one of the 5 C’s of confident leadership:
Communicate effectively and without conflict in all situations.
Gain clarity on what is you want and where to take your team.
Develop deep connections and trust with yourself and those around you.
Build a community to support the attainment of your goals.
Move forward in courage and master your fears.

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on the 5 C’s of confident leadership

Applying The Learning

Peer Learning
Communicate effectively and without conflict in all situations.
Group Learning
Participate in creating new ideas and approaches for the group.
Complimentary Yoga
Ground yourself before each practice. Join us for 15 minutes of mindful movement before each session.
Ongoing Learning
Complete individual practices between each session,
Adjust goals and practices based on new awareness,
Update Journey Map to see progress.

When we boil it all down, what’s in it for you?

Time, energy and money.
Personal & collective health and wellness.
Better results with greater ease.
From fear, anxiety and self-doubt.

2021 Starting Dates: Oct. 6

Total Value: Over $7,000

Your Investment in Leadership Bliss: $1,950

Download our free e-book
on the 5 C’s of confident leadership


I thought I was doing all the right things. Turns out I was trying to apply management strategies to human/leadership issues. By learning to be more aware and more connected to what’s most important to me, all of my conversations have changed. It’s so much easier. I feel lighter knowing this way.

— Michael G., Government Executive, Ottawa, Canada

So what are you waiting for?

To move out of friction and into a more conscious and intentional leadership role:

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About Us

ConsciousLead is comprised of a team of leadership strategists that combine the ingredients of coaching, conscious communication, strategy and integrity - with an added dash of fun.

Can you imagine what that can do for your performance?

You come to coaching because you’re looking for improvements and are willing to make a change. With ConsciousLead, it’s not enough to learn and practice new management techniques. We help you understand what’s at the root of your thoughts, reactions and results. With our support, you achieve fundamental shifts that create real, lasting change.